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The Banner Connection Inc. 519-592-3768
The Bar Ltd. 519-685-2670
The Baranti Group Inc. 905-479-0148
The Barbee Co. of Canada Inc. 905-276-3101
The Barclay Grayson Corp. 416-927-0788
The Barnes Organization Inc. 416-367-5000
The Barrie Advance 705-726-0573
The Barrie Examiner 705-726-6537
The Basket Company Inc. 416-252-2265
The Bata Shoe Museum 416-979-7799
The Battery Broker Environment
The Battery Sell Co. Ltd. 905-827-5401
The Battery Shop Ltd. 519-653-1193
The Bay - Div. Of Hudson's Bay 416-861-4693
The Bay Home Services 905-677-5956
The Bay Portrait Studio 905-688-4441
The Beacon Herald 519-271-3410
The Beacon Herald 519-271-2220
The Beacon Press Limited 905-832-2231
The Beanstalk Group 416-391-9191
The Beauty Depot 519-254-3537
The Bedford Consulting Group 416-963-9000
The Beer Store 905-720-9905
The Beer Store 905-361-1005
The Best Dressed Corporation 416-488-0662
The Best Pre-Mix 519-271-8725
The Bestdoor Company 905-761-1653
The Better Shade Company Ltd. 905-227-4555
The Beverly Hills Group 905-855-9223
The Beyond Group 905-415-1888
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